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Matching Design & Product talent that's right for your need

Having done over 1000+ assessments, UXHack is able to bring unique insights to help you hire the best fit.

The Difference between UXHack and the rest

Traditional hiring platforms

Profile lists & CVs

Cannot identify the problem solving skills

Candidate self-attestation

The lies cannot be discovered until interviewed

No Assessments

At best some basic theory tests

Tedious, lack of closure

No transparency on turn around time

The UXHack way

Look beyond CVs & Keywords

Work on UXHack, real work samples, PoVs

Pre-verified Profiles

1-on-1 calls and social profile checks

Real-world Assessments

Over 50+ case studies across industry and roles

Each step is time bound

Be it time to apply, time to assess, we make it strict

Hiring Solutions tailored to your needs

We understand that each company approach hiring differently and hence our various approaches to solve for your need.

Product improvement

Skill Match

A Recommendation based hiring product that takes the hassle out of Design + Product hiring, while ensuring the best quality, at an effective price.

Hiring Hackathon

A unique product to help you get a problem solved as well as use the opportunity to offer interview opportunities to top performers

Brand building
Hiring illustration


We've helped several companies zero in on the right talent based on our detailed assessements of talent. Pick from our repository of problem statements and get your candidates evaluated on some of most interesting Product + Design problem statements.

Recent Job Posts

Skill Match

Unlike agency based models, which rely on large payouts with little value addition apart from profiles, UXHack matches talent based on skills and only recommends suitable talent

Published to 2500+ member & Social Media

UXHack Score: Job fit, Past work samples, Work on UXHack

Quality: Top 2-3 Candidates

Additional hiring notes

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Hiring Hackathon

A unique product from UXHack that helps you create a hiring buzz and also get your problem solved.
Ideal for companies who wants to assess candidates on a problem they will eventually be working on.

End-to-End Hackathon Management

Custom Landing Page for your Brand

Choose your Evaluation Parameters

Scorecards & Leaderboard

Talent collage


Choose from repository of 50+ real world assessments basis Industry, Difficulty level and Role and get your external applicants assessed. Help us help you remove your own bias.

End-to-End Assessment Management

Get them graded through our proprietary evaluation framework

Time bound

Overall & Detailed Scorecards

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Skill Match


How many days it will take to get recommended candidates?

It takes 4-5 days from the time the job post goes live on the platform


What if we don't like any of the recommended candidates?


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yup! In case we are not able to recommend any candidates, we refund the money


We liked the candidates you recommended but all backed out, will we get a refund?

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