• To define Product Roadmap & Strategy

Challenge Details

Brief Description: In this challenge, you have to research and define and detail out the product roadmap for Zoho's SalesIQ Chatbot to help it differentiate in the industry
Difficulty: Easy
Skills Evaluated: Analytical, Communciation, Prioritization, Problem Solving, Research
You are a Product Manager for Zoho's SalesIQ product (a live chat software).

The rise of live chat software for better customer support, more sales is more or less established. Over the last few years, this space has become quite competitive what with more than 25+ players worldwide including names like Drift, Crisp, FreshChat, Zoho and many more operating.

And with chatbots slowly making headway (Drift has already launched one), this industry is ripe for disruption. While chatbots will obviously improve efficiency, not all scenarios can be covered in the near future.

So with that in mind, what should be the product strategy for SalesIQ going forward? The management wants to definitely introduce a refined chatbot version of SalesIQ with what they currently deliver as an offering.

What top 3 features you will present to management to differentiate SalesIQ chatbot from others in the industry and get a buy-in.

We are not looking for designs or wireframes, only your approach to top 3 features basis the research and inferences you make out of it.

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There is no specific template: you may chose any form to express yourself. However you could take a look at sample solutions by participants from previous challenges with a Free Trial: https://uxhack.co/offerings/eldorado/

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This is an individual event only

Winners will be chosen by the company directly and announced here based on the quality of the solutions.

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