• Increase conversions from visitor to volunteer

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Difficulty: Medium

“Udayan” is a Sanskrit word meaning “Eternal Sunshine”. We aim to bring sunshine into the lives of underserved sections of society that require intervention. Registered in 1994 as a Public Charitable Trust, Udayan Care works to empower vulnerable children, women and youth, in 26 cities across 13 states of India. On the onset of commemorating our 25th year, we have newly changed our website and for a successful site, one requires an effective, sustained marketing strategy beyond presenting information, achievements, images, videos and other files. Our website design is focused on specific goals, along with measurable objectives to attain them.

Converting a first-time visitor into a donor/volunteer. There is a need to establish a few objectives to measure whether or not our new strategies are successful, and start adjusting if they fall short.

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