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Brief Description: In this challenge, you need to optimize a user flow where user want to buy a used bike and discovers Droom Ad on Google and accordingly fills the form shown on the landing page
Difficulty: Medium

A lot of businesses rely on their websites for leads. While there are fulfilment flows on their websites, majority of the fulfilment needs to be completed via callbacks through callcenters.

Hence, it’s essential for businesses to get good quality leads, for which they need to optimise the user flow for paid traffic. This involves the flow right from the keywords entered in search, to the ad shown, to the page rendered

In this problem statement you need to analyse Droom’s flow (right from the search, to capturing the lead i.e mobile number). You need to search on Google for the term ‘buy used bikes’ and start your flow from the Droom ad visible. 

P.S: If you don’t see the ad, here is a example of the ad and the link to the droom landing page:

Droom landing page link: View landing page. You can optimise the following ad view

Sample screenshot:

To summarise, in this challenge you need to optimise:

1. The ad shown (on Google): this includes content visible, the CTAs, copy etc

2. The corresponding page the ad opens: the optimisations can be visual, performance based, navigation based amongst others

Important Notes:

- All flows are for mobile

- Please note that you need to increase the number of leads: that is the success criterion

- The source of traffic is predominantly paid search

- The form is not important for getting a lead. Lead = a mobile number

- Pit-stop submission(optional): Monday midnight. This is to clarify any doubts and help improve your final submissions

- Droom is NOT hosting this challenge. This is just a learning exercise

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