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Brief Description: In this challenge, you need to audit Dominos' India App and identify top 3 UX gaps
Difficulty: Easy

While lot of online users prefer to order food via aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy in India, there's still a case for popular brands like Dominos to invest in their own digital channels.

Domino's India last year had revamped their Mobile App and Website with an aim to make it easy for people to order online. However, basis their reviews on playstore, we feel it's not that easy :)

Thus, in this problem statement, we would like you to do a UX Audit of their mobile app and identify top 3 improvement areas. You also need to prioritize the identified improvements and give proper reasoning on your order of prioritization.

Since the objective of this exercise is audit, you need not detail out the actual solution.

App download links:



Sample Screenshots:



Expected Output:

- While annotated screenshots and audit document is always welcome, for this problem statement, you can also record your video/or audio with your thoughts

- Your submission will be evaluated basis the quality of problems identified, prioritization recommendation and the proper reasoning for prioritization

Other Notes:

- Pit-stop submission(optional): Monday midnight. This is to clarify any doubts and help improve your final submissions

- Dominos is NOT hosting this challenge. This is just a learning exercise

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