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Challenge Details

Brief Description: In this challenge, you need to audit Ather's website. More details soon
Difficulty: Easy
Skills Evaluated: Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Prioritization

The electric mobility space is gaining a lot of traction in India, especially in the 2 wheeler segment. The government too has provided incentives for this sector, which were sweetened even more recently. Ather is one such player in the market, having emerged from being a ‘startup’, to now a serious player in the electric mobility space. While buying an electric 2 wheeler is no different from a normal one, the initial set of users the segment is likely to attract is the youth.  And Ather has positioned itself specifically for them. It calls its showrooms experience centres and has created a slick website, which tries to replicate that experience online. In this challenge what we would like to see is, if this is a case of form over function: essentially you need to find if it is actually a great experience to buy an electric scooter online, on Ather’s mobile website. You need to do a UX Audit of Ather’s bike buying flows and then suggest 3 improvements.

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