FAQs - for Companies

UXHack provides a hackathon platform to improve your product and hire product and design talent. As the name suggests, you can use this platform to build and refine the User Experience Design or UI Design of your product in hackathon style. You can engage our professional community in UX Audit or UX feedback studies as well.

Though UX is broad based, some of the problem areas we can help you with are:

- Improving existing user journey for more sign ups, transactions.
- Improving your website's navigation
- Improving the Information Architecture (IA)
- Identification of new features and user flows for retention and engagement

Here's an example of hackathon problem we did for a product: View Sample

Being a community driven platform, we bring in additional moderation in which we work with company to define the problem statement and expected response format.
We will reject all submissions that don't adhere to a response format. The idea of a hackathon is to get multiple solutions at a high level, choose best ones and then have the option to engage the same talent and iterate.

You can see a profile only when you have accepted/rejected a solution to help you evaluate a solution in an unbiased way.

The solutions that get submitted will only be visible to the company and the contributor who has submitted it.

There is no standard trial available however once you Get in Touch, we can discuss your exact requirements and accordingly take it from there.

FAQs - for Contributors

UXHack is a platform focused to help you in improving skills related to Product & Design. So you can improve skills such as:

- Problem Solving
- User Research
- User Experience aka UX
- Prioritization
- Communication
- UI Design
& more

UXHack offers multiple ways to learn and assess these skills:

- Competitive Learning: Check out Weekly Challenges
- On-demand Assessments: Check out Practice challenges you can take across industries and skills
- Read top solutions: Check out Eldorado

Yes, we do help companies find pre-assessed and verified talent from our platform

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